First flea (Siphonaptera) records for Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge, Central Alaska

Glenn E Haas, James R Kucera, S O MacDonald, Joseph A Cook


Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge (KNWR) was established in 1980 in Central Alaska. Collections of mammal fleas began in 1991. Six species resulted: Catallagia dacenkoi Ioff, Corrodopsylla curvata (Rothschild), Ctenophthalmus pseudagyrtes Baker, Megabothris calcarifer (Wagner), Amalaraeus dissimilis (Jordan) and Peromyscopsylla ostsibirica (Scalon). Ten species of fleas were previously recorded from the upper Koyukuk River watershed. One female specimen each of C. curvata and Ct. pseudagyrtes from the KNWR are the only new fleas added to the upper watershed list.


fleas, Siphonaptera, mammal hosts, Alaska


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