Almond volatiles attract neonate larvae of Anarsia lineatella (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Mark Sidney, Regine Gries, Adela Danci, Gary J. R. Judd, Gerhard Gries


Post-diapause overwintered larvae and neonates of any generation of the peach twig borer, Anarsia lineatella (Zeller), seek suitable sites to bore into and mine tissue of their host plants, including almond and peach. We tested the hypothesis that larvae are attracted to the same almond volatiles that elicit antennal responses from adult moths. Of five candidate almond semiochemicals [β-bourbonene, (E,E)-α-farnesene, (E)-β-ocimene, nonanal, decenal] tested singly or in binary combination (nonanal, decenal) in laboratory Y-tube olfactometers, only β-bourbonene attracted neonate larvae. β-bourbonene in combination with (EE)-α-farnesene was as attractive as the complete almond volatile blend, indicating that they are key semiochemicals for foraging larvae.


semiochemicals; β-bourbonene; (EE)-α-farnesene; (E)-β-ocimene; nonanal; decanal; olfactometer bioassay

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