Movement of Ericaphis fimbriata (Hemiptera: Aphididae) apterae on blueberry

W. G. van Herk, D. A. Raworth, S. L. Gillies


Blueberry scorch Virus is a new and important pathogen of blueberry in British Columbia, Canada of which the blueberry-infesting aphid Ericaphis fimbriata is a known Vector. In a study of the movement of apterous E. fimbriata, significantly more aphids fell when one ladybird beetle was added to E. fimbriata infested blueberry branches than when zero, two, or four were added. Similar numbers of aphids fell in the presence or absence of beetles at low aphid density (10-30 aphids per terminal), but more fell in the presence of beetles at high aphid density (50-70 aphids per terminal). The time taken for aphids to move a minimum distance of 60 cm off infested plants onto uninfested plants decreased with increasing aphid density which has important implications for the spread of the Virus.


Ericaphis fimbriata; Blueberry scorch Virus; highbush blueberry; apterous aphids; coccinellids

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