A review of the distribution and natural history of <i>Apiocera barri</i> and <i>Nemomydas pantherinus</i> (Diptera: Apioceridae and Mydidae), two rare asiloid flies from the southern Interior of British Columbia


  • Robert A. Cannings Royal British Columbia Museum 675 Belleville Street Victoria, BC V8W 9W2 phone: (250) 356-8242


Canada's only apiocerid fly, Apiocera barri Cazier, and sole westem mydid fly, Nemamydas pantherinus (Gerstäcker), (Diptera: Apioceridae and Mydidae) are rare species practically restricted to the antelope-brush, Purshia tridentata (Pursh) de Candolle (Rosaceae), steppe of the southern Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Some aspects of their natural history are outlined. The distributional records of the species are recorded and mapped in the context of antelope-brush steppe in the Okanagan Valley. This ecosystem has been reduced to one-third of the area occupied in the 1860s. Because these two flies are conspicuous, rare, and dependent to a large extent on antelopebrush steppe, they are good candidates for further study in the federal and provincial efforts to conserve this threatened ecosystem and its many rare species.


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