The first discovery of free-living larvae of the ear tick, Olobius megnini (Duges), in British Columbia

G. B. Rich, J. D. Gregson


In the south Okanagan Valley, a cave in a rock face was investigated after a visiting dog became infested with the ear tick, <i>Otobius megnini</i> Duges). Larvae of the ear tick were found in abundance, on the floor and dropping from the ceiling. The cave is a shelter and resting place for a protected band of bighorn sheep which is known to be heavily infested. Near the opening of the cave were larvae of the winter tick, <i>Dermacentor albipictus</i> Packard, and a nymph and an adult female of the wood tick, <i>D. andersoni</i> Stiles.


ear tick; <i>Olobius megnini</i>

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