Masonaphis maxima (Mason) (Homoptera: Aphididae), an aphid on thimbleberry with an unusual life history

B. D. Frazer, A. R. Forbes


A two-year study of <i>Masonaphis maxima</i> (Mason) on thimbleberry, <i>Rubus parviflorus</i> Nutt. revealed an unusual life history. The eggs hatched in late March or early April, and the fundatrices matured and reproduced a month later. Males and females were produced in late May or in June and egg-laying had started by July. This early egg-laying coincided with the cessation of production of new growth by the host plant. Additional description of the fundatrix is included.


<i>Masonaphis maxima<i>; Homoptera: Aphididae

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