Insecticides, fungicides and lime combined for control of cabbage maggots, clubroot and wire stem


  • D. G. Finlayson Research Station Research Branch Canada Agriculture Vancouver, B.C.
  • C. J. Campbell Research Station Research Branch Canada Agriculture Vancouver, B.C.


Insecticides alone or in combinations with lime, mercurous chloride and quintozene were applied to peat and loam soils for control of clubroot, <i>Plasmodiophora brassicae</i> Wor., and cabbage maggot, <i>Hylemya brassicae</i> (Bouché), in cauliflower. The effects were assessed by counting the emergent seedlings, by weighing the mature cauliflowers, and by uprooting plants at harvest and grading the maggot damage and incidence of clubroot. Split applications, one at seeding and one 30 days later with Birlane, Dasanit or carbofuran protected cauliflower from maggot damage until harvest. Carbofuran allowed the least maggot damage in both soils. Zinophos was comparatively effective in peat soil but not in sandy loam. The insecticides had no significant effect on germination or clubroot. Quintozene gave satisfactory protection from clubroot and wire stem in sandy loam and had the 1owest incidence of clubroot in peat soil. The fungicides had no effect on maggot damage, nor did they appear to influence the insecticides. No significant interactions were observed. The effect of the insecticides and fungicides on yield was somewhat masked by over-seeding.


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