A chronic infestation of mountain pine beetles in lodgepole pine in Glacier National Park, Montana

Scott Tunnock


An infestation of mountain pine beetle (<i>Dendroctonus ponderosae</i> Hopk.) in lodgepole pine (<i>Pinus contorta</i> var. <i>latifolia</i> Engelm.) has been active since about 1950 in an area of 162 ha within Glacier National Park, Montana. Tree mortality is reported for 14 years. It fluctuated yearly, ranging from 0 to 4.7 trees per 0.405 ha (1 acre). Most trees above 25.4 cm in diameter had been killed by 1963.


<i>Dendroctonus ponderosae</i>

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Evenden, J.C. and A.L. Gibson. 1940. A destructive infestation in lodgepole pine stands by the mountain pine beetle. J. Forestry, 38:271-275.


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