A progress report on the use of female-baited traps as indicators of codling moth population

H. F. Madsen, W. W. Davis


Traps containing live female codling moths, <i>Laspeyresia pomonella/i> (L.), as lures were used to indicate native codling moth populations in 2 orchards in the Kelowna area of British Columbia. In one orchard the traps captured an average of fewer than 1 male codling moth per week with the exception of 2 traps along one side of the orchard. These 2 traps caught 45 per cent of all males trapped in the orchard, and codling moth entries were found in this vicinity. A spray to control codling moth was applied to 4 outside rows of trees on this side but the remainder of the orchard was not sprayed. No fruit injured by codling moth was found in the nonsprayed portion of the orchard. In the second orchard the traps captured an average of 5 moths per week. No sprays were applied to the trees and, at harvest, 9.3 per cent of the apples were injured by codling moth. These preliminary data indicate that traps baited with female codling moths can be used to indicate levels of codling moth populations and also to indicate if chemical control is necessary.


codling moth; <i>Laspeyresia pomonella/i>

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