Toxicity of insecticides to two strains of <i>Hylemya platura</i> (Meig.) (Anthomyidae: Diptera)


  • D. G. Finlayson Research Station Research Branch Canada Agriculture Vancouver, B.C.
  • C. J. Campbell Research Station Research Branch Canada Agriculture Vancouver, B.C.


<i>Hylemya platura</i>, Anthomyidae, Diptera


Using the topical-application and impregnated-paper methods baseline toxicity data were obtained for male and female flies of a susceptible and a cyclodiene-insecticide resistant strain of the seed-corn maggot, <i>Hylemya platura</i> (Meig.). As shown by topical application the resistance factor with dieldrin for male and female flies was 337.8 and 342.7 respectively. However, the LC50 by exposure to dieldrin-impregnated papers could not be obtained for the resistant strain at the concentrations tested. There was no cross-resistance to six other insecticides: two from each of the major groups of organocarbamate, organochlorine, and organophosphorous insecticides. Both methods are useful for determining the toxicity of insecticides and offer ways for agriculturists to determine if spray practices have failed or were faulty, or if resistance is developing within a species.


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