Aggregation sites and behaviour of two wpecies of Hippodamia (Coleoptera: Coccinelidae) in south-central British Columbia

G. J. Fields, R. D. McMullen


<i>Hippodamia caseyi</i> Johnson and <i>H. oregonensis</i> Crotch overwinter in aggregation sites on mountain tops in south-central British Columbia. Each species selects distinctive overwintering sites. During the summer. <i>H. caseyi</i> is distributed mainly in the vallevs and lower mountain elevations, particularly in irrigated alfalfa fields. <i>H. oregonensis</i> is restricted to subalpine and alpine areas during the summer. Availability of suitable overwintering sites may be a limiting factor in the abundance of <i>H. caseyi</i>.


Coleoptera; Coccinelidae; i>Hippodamia</i>

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