An evaluation of traps for the western cherry fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)

F. L. Banham


Four traps and six lures were tested for attractiveness to adult western cherry fruit flies , <i>Rhagoletis indifferens</i> Curran, in cherry plantings in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Staley Protien Insecticide Bait #7 , a combination of corn protein hydrolysate and corn steep liquor, mixed into tanglefoot (Stikem Special) on double-faced, yellow, plywood boards attracted about twice as many flies as similar traps baited with corn hydrolysate and three times as many as single-faced, nonbaited boards. Nevertheless, nonbaited, single-faced, yellow boards were moderately attractive and the easiest to prepare, install and maintain. Thus they seem the most practical for large-scale trapping of cherry fruit flies. Traps caught male and female flies soon after emergence from pupation in a ratio of about 1:1. Most female flies lacked ovarial development and none had fully developed ova.


western cherry fruit fly; Diptera; Tephritidae; <i>Rhagoletis indifferens</i>

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