Codling moth importation control by sterile insect release: Of fruit and fruit containers as a source of reinfestation

M. D. Proverbs, J. R. Newton


A program of codling moth, <i>Laspeyresia pomonella</i> (L.), control by the sterility principle is planned for the entire Similkameen Valley of British Columbia. If the program is successful, reinfestation by moth fly-in is unlikely because the valley is fairly well isolated. Importation of host fruits and fruit containers (bushel boxes) for roadside fruit stands could lead to reinfestation unless the boxes are fumigated. Localized annual releases of sterile moths around fruit stands may also be necessary. Orchard bins, used by commercial packinghouses, are unlikely to be a serious source of codling moth reinfestation.


codling moth; <i>Laspeyresia pomonella</i>; sterility principle

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Proverbs, M.D. 1974. Codling moth control by the sterility principle: Estimated cost and some biological observations related to cost. Pages 81-88. In Proc. Panel on The Sterile-Insect Technique and its Field Applications. I.A.E.A., Vienna, Austria.


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