Feeding potential of predators of <i>Myzus persicae</i>


  • George Tamaki Yakima Agricultural Research Laboratory Agriculture Research Service USDA Yakima, WA
  • Darryll Olsen Olsen Yakima Agricultural Research Laboratory Agriculture Research Service USDA Yakima, WA


green peach aphid, <i>Myzus persicae</i>, <i>Orius tristicolor</i>, <i>Coccinella transversoguttata</i>, predator,


A rate of feeding for predator insects on the green peach aphid, <i>Myzus persicae</i> (Sulzer), was determined based on the number of aphids consumed from a more natural environment corrected for reproduction and natural death. Of the predator species studied, the largest, <i>Coccinella transversoguttata</i> Falderman, consumed about 10 times more aphids than the smallest, <i>Orius tristicolor</i> (White), and about 7 times more than the average for all other predator species combined.


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