Effect of anti-aggregative pheromones 3,2-mch and trans-verbenol on <i>Dendroctonus rufipennis</i> attacks on spruce stumps


  • E. D. A. Dyer Pacific Forest Research Centre Canadian Forestry Service Department of Fisheries and the Environment Victoria. B.C.
  • P. M. Hall Pacific Forest Research Centre Canadian Forestry Service Department of Fisheries and the Environment Victoria. B.C.


<i>Dendroctonus rufipennis</i>


Anti-aggregative pheromones 3,2-MCH and 3,2-MCH with trans-verbenol were released from open vials enclosed in perforated cans attached to both sides of 50 winter-cut spruce stumps which normally attract spruce beetles (<i>Dendroctonus rufipennis</i>). Although significantly fewer attacks occurred on treated than on untreated stumps, the attack density was not sufficiently reduced to be of practical value in controlling spruce beetle reproduction in this host material. There was no significant difference in reduction of beetle attacks between the 3,2-MCH and the 3,2-MCH with trans∑verbenol treatments.


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