Furrow application of insecticide as a method of controlling wireworms in potato land

A. T. S. Wilkinson, M. J. Brown, D. G. Finlayson, I. H. Williams, J. R. MacKenzie


Three methods of applying insecticides for the control of the wireworm, <i>Agriotes obscurus</i> L.. were tested using fonofos and terbufos. Most treatments gave significantly more marketable tubers than the control. The furrow treatment gave more consistent results than broadcast or side-dress and, at 1.1 or 2.2 kg a.i/ha, gave control equal to, or better than, the broadcast treatment at 5.6 kg a.i./ha. Analyses by gas chromatography using a flame photometric detector for residues in potatoes grown in treated soil showed residues to be less than 0.02 ppm.


wireworm; <i>Agriotes obscurus</i>

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