Egg dispersion in the larch casebearer, <i>Coleophora laricella</i> (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae), in Northern Idaho


  • M. W. Brown College of Forestry Wildlife and Range Sciences University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho
  • D. L. Kulhavy College of Forestry Wildlife and Range Sciences University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho


larch casebearer, <i>Coleophora laricella</i>, Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae


During 1976, a total of 3122 eggs of the larch casebearer, <i>Coleophora laricella</i>, was found on 2,937 needles. Of these needles, 94% had 1 egg, 5.8% had 2 eggs, and 0.2% had more than 2. The dispersion pattern fitted a negative binomial distribution (k = 0.498). There were significantly more eggs (α=0.01) on insolated than on shaded branches. The dispersion pattern is due primarily to the heterogeneity of environmental factors affecting oviposition.


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