Aerial spraying for control of the spiral spruce-cone borer, Hylemya anthracina (Diptera: Anthomytidae)

G. E. Miller, D. W. Hutcheson


White spruce (<i>Picea glauca</i> (Moench) Voss) trees were sprayed with dimenthoate; at two sites, trees were treated individually with different types of booms; at a third site, a broadcast spray was applied. The low population densities of the spiral spruce-cone borer, <i>Hylemya anthracina </i>(Czerny), were reduced by 87% and 100% with individual tree sprays and by 68% with a broadcast spray. Increased seed yields were 43% per cones from individually sprayed trees and 22% per cone from the broadcast application.


spiral spruce-cone borer; <i>Hylemya anthracina</i>; Diptera; Anthomytidae

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