Efficacy of insecticides against tuber flea beetles, wireworms and aphids in potatoes

D. G. Finlayson, A. T. S. Wilkinson, J. R. Mackenzie


Soil-incorporated and foliar-applied insecticides, alone and in combination, were tested in silt loam to control tuber flea beetle, <i>Epitrix tuberis </i>Gent., the green peach aphid, <i>Myzus persicae</i> (Sulz.) and the wireworm <i>Agriotes obscurus </i>(L.) Most soil-incorporated band treatments did not give adequate protection from tuber flea beetles. However, supplemental foliar applications, July 15 and 30 and August 15, reduced the percentage unmarketable tubers to 13% under a heavy infestation in 1977 and to 0% in a lighter infestation in 1978. Fonofos, broadcast and soil-incorporated, gave the best control of wireworms and of a light infestation of tuber flea beetles. Methamidophos was the best aphicide


potato; wireworm; <i>Agriotes obscurus</i>; tuber flea beetle; <i>Epitrix tuberis</i>; green peach aphid; <i>Myzus persicae</i>

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