<i>Hylemya antiqua</i> (Meigen): Longevity and oviposition in the laboratory?


  • R. S. Vernon Pestology Centre Department of Biological Sciences Simon Fraser University Burnaby, B.C.
  • J. H. Borden Pestology Centre Department of Biological Sciences Simon Fraser University Burnaby, B.C.


<i>Hylemya antiqua</i>


In laboratory cultures, some female <i>Hylemya antiqua</i> (Meigen) were still alive and ovipositing after 66 days, whereas males usually survived no longer than 50 days. The average lifespan of 12 individually-reared, reproducing females was 48 days. Oviposition began no earlier than 8 days, and on the average, 10.5 days after the females emerged. Heavy oviposition by most females was cyclic, occurring every other day. The mean fecundity/female in 3 cultures was 259.2, 114.5 and 218.4, respectively, but for individually-reared females, it was 491.5. Variations in diet and environment probably lead to poor or inconsistent correlation of laboratory data on longevity and fecundity with actual events in the field. However, these data provide precise guidelines for utilization of <i>H. antiqua</i> in laboratory experiments.


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