Laboratory biology of the dusky sap beetle and field interaction with the corn earworm in ears of sweet corn

George Tamake, Lee Fox, Paul Featherstone


The developmental rates of the egg, larval and pupal stages of the dusky sap beetle, <i>Carpophilus lugubris</i> Murray, reared on artificial diet at 21°C were 4.04. 22.27. and 9.2 days, respectively, a total of 35.5 days. The mean lifetime of adult females was 263 days, or about 110 days longer than previously reported. Its population growth statistics were as follows: intrinsic rate of increase = 0.34( Q/ Q/week, generation time 12.20 weeks. and net reproductive rate = 63.1 Q/ 2 /week. Field studies established that the sap beetles can successfully invade ears of corn throughout the season in the absence of corn earworms, <i>Heliothis zea</i> (Boddie). However, more sap beetles were found in ears infested with corn earworm than in ears not so infested. Eggs of <i>Geocoris</i> sp. were more abundant in infested ears with corn earworms and sap beetles than in uninfested ears: however adults of <i>Orius tristicolor</i> (white) did not display such a preference.


dusky sap beetle; <i>Carpophilus lugubris</i>; corn earworm; <i>Heliothis zea</i>; <i>Orius tristicolor</i>

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