An annotated checklist of the caddisflies (Trichoptera) of SE Alaska

Richard N. Vineyard


An annotated checklist of the caddisflies (Trichoptera) of southeast Alaska is presented. The list contains 11 families, including 74 named, and 5 new species, 44 of which are new for the region. The Family Limnephilidae includes 38 species and Family Rhyacophilidae 14. The annotations cover locations, tvpes of habitats and months of capture.

This paper brings together the few previous records of caddisflies (Trichoptera) collected from southeast Alaska (Banks 1900: Denning 1964, 1970: Ellis 1978a, 1978b: Yamamoto and Wiggins 1964) and the results of my recent studies there. The list contains 74 species, 44 of which are new for the region, This is the first attempt to collect and identify Trichoptera on a wide basis in southeast Alaska. Although many new records are included, we still know only about 60% -70% of the caddisfly fauna. Many species are known from a single adult specimen or by larvae only. Undoubtedly, future collecting will add many species to the present list.


caddisflies; Trichoptera

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