Chemical control of balsam wooly aphid (Homoptera: Adelgidae) on seedlings of Abies amabilis

George S. Puritch, P. C. Nigam, J. R. Carrow


Assessment was made of the effectiveness of four insecticides for eradicating <i>Adelges piceae</i> (Ratz.) from Abies seedlings. Seedlings with overwintering immature aphids were top dipped in the insecticides in fall or spring (before or after cold storage), while those with mature, egg-laying aphids were treated in spring. The overwintering immature aphids were completely killed by all of the insecticides and it was recommended that any one of the following treatments would provide sanitation of <i>Abies</i> from aphid during this stage: 1.0% propoxur suspension; 2.0% carbaryl suspension: 2.0% Insecticidal Soap solution; 0.5% permethrin emulsion. Treatment of mature aphids was less effective due to relative tolerance of bwa eggs and it was recommended that treatment during this stage of the aphid be avoided.


balsam wooly aphid; Homoptera; Adelgidae; <i>Abies amabilis</i>

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