Fecundity of the black vine weevil, <i>Otiorhynchus sulcatus</i> (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), fed foliage from some current cultivars and advanced selections of strawberry in British Columbia


  • W. T. Cram Research Station Agriculture Canada Vancouver, B.C.


black vine weevil, <i>Otiorhynchus sulcatus</i>, Coleoptera, Curculionidae, strawberry


Adults of the black vine weevil, <i>Otiorhynchus sulcatus</i> (F.), kept individually in plastic vials in the laboratory were fed foliage picked from strawberry cultivars or selections in one field of the British Columbia strawberry breeding program at Abbotsford. The source of foliage had no significant influence of preoviposition period, weight gain, or amount of foliage consumed. However, there were significant differences in the number of eggs laid during a ten-week period and in the number of larvae that hatched. The fewest eggs were laid and larvae hatched when weevils fed on the new cultivar Tyee and the selection BC 73-9-79. The other foliage sources in order of increasing numbers of eggs were BC 70-22-82, Totem, BC 69-5-34, Shuksan, and BC 70-20R-15.


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