<i>Dasyhelea oppressa</i> (Ceratopogonidae) and <i>Mycetobia divergens</i> (Anisopodidae): Two Diptera new to British Columbia


  • Robert A. Cannings Entomolgy Division British Columbia Provincial Museum Victoria, B.C.


Diptera, <i>Dasyhelea oppressa</i>, Ceratopogonidae, <i>Mycetobia divergens</i>, Anisopodidae


Larvae and pupae of <i>Dasyhelea oppressa</i> Thomsen and <i>Mycetobia divergens</i> Walker were found in the sap on the ulcerated trunk of a horse-chestnut tree in Vancouver, B.C. Adults of both species were reared from these collections. This record is the first for <i>D. oppressa</i> west of Manitoba in Canada and Iowa in the United States and for <i>M. divergens</i> the first record west of Alberta and Arizona.


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