Siphonaptera from mammals in Alaska. Supplement II. Southeastern Alaska

Glenn E. Haas, Loyal Johnson, Nixon Wilson


Eleven taxa are treated in this first annotated check list of mammal fleas of Alaska east of longitude 141° west. Twelve new records of six taxa are listed including the first record of <i>Myodopsylla gentilis</i> J & R for southeastern Alaska. Associations with 12 species of wild mammals, the Norway rat, dog, and man are listed. The zoogeographic position of southeastern Alaska as a pathway and a destination of two Vancouverian taxa and seven Vancouverian-Cordilleran taxa is related to Alaska west of 141° and to British Columbia. Ranges of <i>Monopsyllus ciliatus protinus</i> (Jordan) and possibly <i>Hystrichopsylla dippiei spinata</i> Holland were extended to Baranof Island by transplants of red squirrels and martens, respectively.


Siphonaptera; fleas

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