Effect of high-density frontalin baiting on attack distribution of <i>Dendroctonus rufipennis</i> in spruce plots


  • E. D. A. Dyer Pacific Forest Research Centre Canadian Forestry Service Environment Canada Victoria, B.C.
  • P. M. Hall Pacific Forest Research Centre Canadian Forestry Service Environment Canada Victoria, B.C.


Intensive baiting with frontalure (33% frontalin and 66% alpha-pinene) was found to affect the distribution of spruce beetles, <i>Dendroctonus rufipennis</i> (Kirby), among available hosts. In treated plots, 23% to 63% of the beetle attacks were found in standing trees potentially capable of resisting gallery establishment, compared with less than 1% in check plots. All suitable freshly downed trees were attacked in treated and check plots but the attack densities were significantly lower in two of the three treated plots as compared with their checks. Frontalure capsules placed on the ground at various distances from standing trees failed to induce attack.


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