Evaluation of pine oil for protecting white spruce from spruce beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) attack

R. A. Werner, E. H. Holsten, F. L. Hastings


The effectiveness of two formulations of pine oil (Norpine 65 and BBR-2) in protecting white spruce from attacks by spruce beetles was tested in south-central Alaska. Fifty percent of the pheromone-baited trees were protected by Norpine 65 for | year after treatment whereas only 33% were protected by BBR-2. Baited trees sprayed with Norpine 65 and BBR-2 were attacked less frequently than were baited check trees and sustained a lower attack density per tree. The percentage of trees protected by Norpine 65 was 13% greater than those protected by BBR-2. Although 85% of the trees treated with Norpine 65 were attacked, the attack density was approximately half that of trees treated with BBR-2.


spruce beetle; Coleoptera; Scolytidae; pine oil; white spruce

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