Patterns of landing of spruce beetles, <i>Dendroctonus rufipennis</i> (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), on baited lethal trap trees


  • L. Safranyik Pacific Forestry Centre Canadian Forestry Service Victoria, B.C.
  • D. A. Linton Pacific Forestry Centre Canadian Forestry Service Victoria, B.C.


spruce beetles, <i>Dendroctonus rufipennis</i>, Coleoptera, Scolytidae


The distribution of spruce beetles (<i>Dendroctonus rufipennis</i> [Kirby]) landing on lethal trap trees was studied in each of 2 years. A wire basket and sticky boards on each tree were used to trap beetles. Significantly more beetles landed on the north side of the boles than on the other three aspects. The density of beetles that landed increased sharply to about 1.6-2.4 m above ground and then decreased. A three- parameter empirical model was used to describe the relationship. On average, about 4 of all the beetles that landed did so below the maximum height of insecticide treatment (4 m). The proportion of beetles from the lower 4 m of the bole that were trapped in the wire baskets ranged from 11% to 57% and averaged 33%. High correlations between numbers of beetles trapped in wire baskets at the paired trap trees each year, and between beetles trapped in wire baskets and on corresponding sticky boards showed that catches in the baskets were good indicators of the total numbers of beetles that landed on trap trees.

Relative heat accumulation in the stand in degree-hours above a base temperature of 13.3°C during the day was a good indicator of the relative numbers of beetles that landed on the sticky boards. On typical days, beetles began to land on trap trees in midmorning: landings peaked between 1500 hours and 1600 hours and ceased by 2000 hours.


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