A checklist of the Neuropterid insects of British Columbia (Insecta: Megaloptera, Neuroptera and Raphidioptera) with a summary of their geographic distribution


  • G. G. E. Scudder Department of Zoology University of British Columbia 6270 University Boulevard Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 phone: (604) 822-3682 Research Associate, Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC
  • Robert A. Cannings Royal British Columbia Museum 675 Belleville Street Victoria, BC V8W 9W2 phone: (250) 356-8242


The Neuropterid orders in British Columbia consist of the Megaloptera, Neuroptera and Raphidioptera. Twelve families containing 89 species are represented. The distribution of these species is documented with reference to the 9 terrestrial ecoprovinces in British Columbia. Collection localities are given for species represented by 5 or fewer sites. Four species, 2 of Coniopterygidae and 2 of Hemerobiidae, are considered alien introductions.


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