Parasitoids of blackheaded fireworm (Rhopobota naevana Hbn.) larvae on cranberries, and larval escape behaviour

Sheila M. Fitzpatrick, James T. Troubridge, Celine Maurice


The parasitoids Hemisturmia tortricis (Coq.) (Tachinidae), Sympiesis bimaculatipennis (Girault) (Eulophidae) and one male of the genus Microplitis (Braconidae) were reared from black-headed fireworm larvae collected on a cranberry farm in the Fraser Valley, B.C. Fireworm larvae escape ovipositing parasitoid females by dropping from an "escape hatch" hole cut in the bottom of the feeding shelter.

Key words: Vaccinium macrocarpon; Hemisturmia tortricis; Sympiesis bimaculatipennis; Microplitis; Tortricidae; biological control; behaviour

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