Species of Alaska Scolytidae: Distribution, hosts, and historical review

Malcolm M. Furniss, Edward E. Holsten, Mark E. Schultz


The species of Scolytidae in Alaska have not been compiled in recent times although many of them are included in earlier broader works. The authors of these works are summarized in a brief history of forest entomologists in Alaska. Fifty-four species of Alaskan Scolytidae are listed (23 species in the subfamily Hylesininae and 31 in the subfamily Scolytinae) belonging to 24 genera (11 in Hylesininae and 13 in Scolytinae). They infest 15 species of trees and shrubs of which 10 are conifers (host to 48 species of Scolytidae) and 5 are angiosperms (host to 6 species of Scolytidae). Fifty species are bark beetles that inhabit phloem and four species are ambrosia beetles that live in sapwood. All are species native to Alaska.

Keywords: Bark beetles; Scolytidae; conifers; angiosperms; Alaska

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