A new species of Boreus (Mecoptera: Boreidae) from Vancouver Island, British Columbia

David C. A. Blades


Boreus insulanus Blades (Mecoptera: Boreidae), a new species from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, is described and distinguished from similar species using morphological characters and measurements, Similarities of male genitalic structures, the notched ninth sternum and male wings abruptly narrowed at the middle place this new species in the brumalis subgroup of the nivoriundus group of Boreus species, The brumalis subgroup currently includes B. brumalis Fitch, B. nix Carpenter, B. pilosus Carpenter, and B. bomari Byers, Characters that distinguish Boreus insulanus from these related species include: fine appressed hairs above the eyes, on the pronotum, and wings; absence of fine, erect hairs on pronotum, wing and abdominal sclerites; relative position and number of pronotal bristles (4 anterior; 4 posterior); and dark abdominal sclerites with a metallic green sheen, The distributional records for this new species indicate that it may be confined to Vancouver Island's interior mountain range.

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