A life stage development index for Trypodendron lineatum (Oliv.) in a spruce boom on the Alberni Canal, Vancouver Island

R. L. McIntosh, J. A. McLean


Development of Trypodendron lineatum Oliv. was monitored in a high-grade log boom of Sitka spruce, Picea sitchensis, stored in the Alberni Canal, B.C. in 1991. Twenty-eight logs were surveyed at weekly intervals from April 19 to September 13, 1991. By the sixth week all 28 logs had been attacked. Every week, chunks of wood were cut from each attacked log and total of all life stages were recorded. Changes in insect development and the presence or absence of stain were noted. The ratio of brood adults to parental adults was 10: 1 and it was determined that the timing of both parental and brood adult emergence coincided in the "sister" flight. An insect development profile was constructed from these data, and an index was produced for estimating the minimum number of days required to reach specific stages in development. When combined with logging and transportation information, the index provided an estimate of where and when the logs had been attacked. With this information, modifications in management strategies can be reviewed and steps taken to avoid pest populations being transported to storage areas.

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