Seasonal abundance and distribution of ambrosia beetles on the North Arm of the Fraser River, British Columbia

Lam K.W Desmond, McLean A. John


Pheromone-baited multiple funnel traps were set up on a transect to determine the abundance and occurrence of ambrosia beetles over water and land in the Point Grey log boom storage locations on the North Arm of the Fraser River. Beetle collections made from April to September 1991, showed the proportion of Trypodendron lineatum. Gnathotrichus sulcatus and G. retusus beetles were in ratio of 1,054:24:1, respectively. Most of the ambrosia beetles were collected in the forested margin close to the shore line. Although there is no active logging in the adjacent Foreshore and Pacific Spirit Parks, these areas still provide an overwintering refuge to a large number of ambrosia beetles. The transportation of infested log booms to the North Arm of the Fraser and local wind patterns are factors that lead to the build up of beetle numbers in the area.

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