Distribution of European Winter Moth, Operophtera brumata (L.), and Bruce Spanworm, O. bruceata (Hulst), in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Sheila M. Fitzpatrick, James T. Troubridge, Barbara Peterson


Sixteen pheromone traps, baited with (Z,Z,Z)-1,3,6,9-nonadecatetraene, were placed in commercial blueberry and raspberry fields, and at one woodland site in the lower Fraser Valley. Traps were monitored weekly from early November, 1990 until late January, 1991. Winter moth males were recovered from all but the eastern-most trap in Mission. Four traps in blueberry fields in Richmond caught a total of 2,928 winter moths. and 198 were caught in two traps in Delta and Surrey, whereas only 74 came to the ten traps north and cast of Surrey, A total of 1,306 Bruce span worm males were trapped , Although spanworm moths were recovered from traps in all areas. there was no correlation between trap location and number of spanworms caught. Thirteen males with characters intermediate between the two species were trapped in Richmond and Surrey. Male of both species were more numerous in raspberries than in nearby blueberry fields. Spanworm males came to the traps later in the fall than winter moths. East of Richmond, most spanworm males were trapped during November whereas, in Richmond, very few were attracted until the first week of December.

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