Semiochemicals for Capturing the Ambrosia Beetle, Trypodendron lineatum, in Multiple-Funnel Traps in British Columbia

Scott M. Salom, John A. McLean


The host attractants, ethanol and alpha-pinene, and the aggregation pheromone, lineatin, were tested alone and in all combinations for attracting the ambrosia beetle. Trypodendron lineatum (Olivier), to Lindgren multiple-funnel traps in a forest setting. A laboratory study examined the flight responses of T. lineatum to various release rates of ethanol and lineatin, alone and in combination. in a wind tunnel. Lineatin was the only effective chemical in attracting the beetles to the traps in both studies. There were no synergistic effects from adding ethanol or a-pinene, alone or together, to lineatin-baited traps in the field. The responses of both sexes in the wind tunnel were highest at lineatin release rates of 8 and 64 ug/24 h. A decrease in response occurred at 512 ug/24 h.

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