Chemical and Biological Control of Erythroneura Leafhoppers on Vitis vinifera in Southcentral Washington

J. D. Wells, W. W. Cone, M. M. Conant


Fenpropathrin (56 g [AI]/ha) and dimethoate ( 1681 g [AI]/ha) controlled the western grape leafhopper, Erythroneura elegantula Osborn. Arthropod predators were collected on wine grapes, Vitis Vinifera (L.). Most were of uncertain importance in the regulation of Erythroneura spp. populations. The greatest source of leathopper egg mortality is parasitization by the mymarid wasp, Anagrus epos Girault. Vineyards grown in isolated areas ( 10-20 Km from other irrigated areas) are subject to leafhopper injury in the absence of the parasitoid which requires a continuous supply of leafhopper eggs. The concept of infesting French prune, Prunus domestica L. , with non-pestiferous Erythroneura prunicola as a winter refugium for A. epos is advanced as an approach to biological control of Erythroneura spp. in isolated areas.

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