Biology of Erythroneura elegantula and E. ziczac (Homoptera:Cicadellidae) on Vitis vinifera in Southcentral Washington

J. D. Wells, W. W. Cone


The western grape leafhopper, Erythroneura elegantula Osborn, and the Virginia creeper leafhopper, Erythroneura ziczac Walsh, were the only species of leafhoppers found colonizing grapevines, Vitis vinifera (L.), in southcentral Washington. Other Cicadalids collected did not colonize. Where the mymarid parasitoid, Anagrus epos, was found, the predominant leafhopper was E. elegantula. In the absence of A. epos, E. ziczac seemed to be the more abundant. E. ziczac quickly dominated a mixed population of both species in a greenhouse. On heavily damaged grape leaves, E. ziczac eggs remained surrounded by green tissue whereas E. elegantula eggs were not. This suggests the presence of a repellent or anti-feedant with E. ziczac eggs. Development time for E. elegantula averaged 402.6 D° which is much shorter than previously published times, and for E. ziczac averaged 390.5 D°.

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