Parasitism of Orange Tortrix on Caneberry, Rubus spp. in Western Oregon and Washington

Leonard Coop, Alan Knight, Glenn Fisher


Larvae and pupae of Argyrotaenia citrana (Fernald), were collected from commercial caneberry fields, Rubus spp., in western Oregon and Washington from 1981 to 1984 and reared in the laboratory to identify parasitoid species and determine levels of parasitism. Twelve species of Hymenoptera (Braconidae, Eulophidae, and Ichneumonidae) and one species of Diptera (fachinidae) were identified. Over 80% of total parasitism was by the braconids, Apanteles aristoteliae Viereck and Meteorus argyrotaeniae Johansen. M. argyrotaeniae was also reared successfully from several other leafroller hosts: Choristoneura rosaceana (Harris), Archips rosana L., and Cnephasia longana (Haworth). No other hosts of A. aristoteliae were collected in caneberries.

Keywords: Argyrotaenia citrana, caneberry, Rubus, parasitoids

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