Diversity, distribution and phenology of Lygus species (Hemiptera: Miridae) in relation to vegetable greenhouses in the lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia, and southwestern Ontario

D. R. Gillespie, R. G. Foottit, J. L. Shipp, M. D. Schwartz, D. M. J. Quiring, Kaihong Wang


Lygus spp. were collected from near and inside vegetable greenhouses during three years in the lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia (BC) and in Leamington, Ontario (ON). In BC, the dominant species was Lygus shulli, followed in abundance by L. elisus and L. hesperus; L. lineolaris was not collected in the lower Fraser Valley. In ON, only L. lineolaris was collected. In BC, L. shulli was generally distributed throughout the region, whereas L. hesperus was captured in sweep net samples only in coastal areas. Lygus hesperus appeared to be univoltine in BC. All other species in ON and BC were apparently bivoltine. In ON, numbers of adults collected outside of greenhouses correlated with numbers collected inside greenhouses whereas this was not the case in BC. Differences in flight behaviour, abundance and greenhouse construction may account for this latter difference. Our results highlight the need for different approaches to IPM of pest Lygus species in the ON and BC greenhouse industries.

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