Taxonomic changes in <i>Dicraneura</i> Hardy, <i>Colladonus</i> Ball and <i>Macrosteles</i> Fieber (Homoptera-Auchenorrhyncha) in the Montane Cordilleran Ecozone


  • K. G. A. Hamilton Biodiversity Theme Agriculture and Agri-food Canada Central Experimental Farm Ottawa, ON K1A 0C6
  • Yong Jung Kwon Dept. of Agricultural Biology College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Kyungpook National University Daegu 702-701


A neotype is proposed for Typhlocyba carneola Stål, 1858 (=Dikraneura carneola var. shoshone DeLong & Caldwell, 1937, syn. nov.), and Dikraneura sitkana Ball & DeLong is elevated to specific rank for the taxon previously known as Dikraneura carneola. Five other species are described from the Montane Cordilleran Ecozone: Colladonus keltoni Hamilton, Colladonus okanaganus Hamilton, Macrosteles frigidus Kwon, Macrosteles similis Kwon and Macrosteles vulgaris Kwon.


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