Supercolonies of the invasive ant, Myrmica rubra (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in British Columbia, Canada


  • Ken Naumann
  • Mário Moniz de Sá
  • Eleanor Lewis
  • Roshan Noronha


Levels of intra-specific aggression between workers and mtDNA sequence comparisons were used to demonstrate that the non-native, invasive ant, Myrmica rubra L. has formed supercolonies in southwestern British Columbia. Ants from most, but not all, infested areas act aggressively towards ants from other areas but workers from widely separated locations within two of the largest areas show little aggression towards each other. Comparisons of COX1 mtDNA nucleotide sequences suggest that formation of different supercolonies may have followed possible divergence after a single initial introduction to the province.