Updated checklist of the Orthoptera of British Columbia


  • James W. Miskelly Royal BC Museum


Orthoptera, British Columbia, Checklist


Since the last publication of a checklist of the Orthoptera of British Columbia, much has been learned about the group.  New information has come from a variety of web-based resources as well as new collections.  An updated checklist is presented, listing 104 resident species in the province.  Two of these species are represented by two subspecies in BC.  Eight species have been added since the last list was published, including newly discovered native species and newly established non-native species. Records of six species have been found to be based on misidentified specimens and these species have been deleted from the checklist.  An additional 16 species are considered hypothetical and may one day be confirmed to occur in BC.

Author Biography

James W. Miskelly, Royal BC Museum

Research Associate, Royal BC Museum


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