Vol 109 (2012)

Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia

Cover Page

COVER: Bombus vosnesenskii (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

The yellow-faced bumble bee, Bombus vosnesenskii, is found across large areas of western North America. Like many other native pollinators in North America, it faces threats due tohabitat loss and pesticide usage. However, unlike many other native bumblebees, its range seems to be currently expanding in some areas. On page 31 of this issue of the Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia, David F. Fraser and his co-authors document this species' range expansion in southern British Columbia.

The news is not all good. The expansion of the yellow-faced bumblebee may be occurring dueto declines in populations of the western bumble bee, Bombus occidentalis.

Photograph details:

Sean McCann photographed this yellow-faced bumble bee worker foragingon Echinacea purpurea growing in a local community garden in Pandora Park, Vancouver, British Columbia. The flowers planted there attract many insects that would not ordinarily be abundant in the area. Technical details: Canon 60D; f/11; 100 mm; ISO 200; lit with two diffused off-camera flashes.