Efficacy of Deltamethrin and <i>Bacillus thuringiensis</i> Berliner ssp <i>kurstaki</i> on Larvae of Winter Moth, Operophtera brumata (L.) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) attacking blueberry in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia


  • D. H. Sheppard Depts. of Zoology and Plant science University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC V6T 2A9
  • J. H. Myers Research Station Agriculture Canada N.W. Marine Drive Vancouver, BC
  • H. Gerber B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Cloverdale, BC


Two pesticides were evaluated for control of the European winter moth, Operophtera brumata (L.). in blueberries in Richmond, British Columbia. The pyrethroid, deltamethrin (Decis), was effective against this pest. The Bacillus thuringiensis product Dipel (WP) was ineffective. Deltamethrin provides an alternative to the currently used organo-phosphate pesticides.