Vol 87 (1990)

Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia

Cover Page
COVER: The larva of the widespread western dragonfly Sympetrum madidum (Hagen) was first described by Rob Cannings from specimens he collected in Victoria and the Chilcotin (see Pan-Pacific Entomologist 57(2):341-346, 1981). The species lives in shallow ponds, often those that dry up in summer. It ranges from the Northwest Territories south through British Columbia to California and east to Manitoba and Missouri. The adults of the genus Sympetrum are a common sight in British Columbia from May through October, but are especially evident in the late summer and fall. Most are reddish; S. madidum can be identified by its white thoracic stripes and the venation of its orange-tinged wings. The pen and ink drawing is by Rob Cannings.