Emergence patterns of terminal weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and their parasitoids from lodgepole pine in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada


  • Ervin Kovacs


Three terminal weevil species emerged from 82 infested leaders collected at two locations in the Okanagan Valley. The most abundant species was Pissodes terminalis Hopping. Magdalis gentilis LeConte started to emerge at the beginning of May whereas P. terminalis and one species of Cylindrocopturus emerged a month later. Parasitoids reared from weevil infested terminals belonged to nine species in six families of the Order Hymenoptera. The most important species was the pteromalid Rhopalichus pulchripennis Crawford but two species of Eurytoma collectively ranked second in abundance. Emergence of the majority of the parasitoids preceded that of P. terminalis and Cylindrocopturus sp.