A preliminary survey of Collembola in forest nurseries of British Columbia

Valin G. Marshall, Gwen M. Shrimpton, Jeffrey P. Battigelli


A survey of 24 forest nurseries in British Columbia yielded 22 collembolan taxa, 10 of which are reported for the first time in this province. The species most frequently encountered was Sminthurinus quadrimaculatus, which was represented in 13 of them nurseries. Only one of the species collected, Bourletiella hortensis is a known pest of conifer seedlings, but it is not an obligate phytophage. The presence of sarophagous Collembola and predatory actinedid mites in the samples suggests that pest collembolan species are being controlled naturally by competition for food and by mite predators.

Keywords: forest nursery, pest management, Acari, Collembola, Bourletiella hortensis, lsotomurus palustris

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